Why you should consider using an offshore development company for part or all of your software development

Several large software applications, and millions of lines of code later, we realized we could help other organizations leverage remote, nearshore and offshore talent as we had.

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Technology is playing an ever increasing role in our lives. Even as things like artificial intelligence destroy jobs, creation of technology will stay in high demand for the foreseeable future. This coupled with the lack of software engineers we’re spitting out of the education system in the US creates a supply and demand imbalance.

It’s very challenging to attract and retain talent in the US. It’s time consuming and vitally important. The big tech firms are increasingly providing additional perks, making hiring more difficult for the rest.

We noticed these trends years ago and started hunting for alternative answers. Being technology leaders ourselves, we experienced the direct hiring challenge. We started with a test, and then expanded after favorable results. Several large software applications, and millions of lines of code later, we realized we could help other organizations leverage remote, nearshore and offshore talent as we had.

There are many reasons why you should explore this option. Let’s start with the high level reasons…

Expand your recruiting pool

Great talent isn’t limited to your city; looking beyond your own backyard can result in a much larger talent pool. There are incredible universities and boot camps all over the world. Restricting your search to your own city vastly cuts down on your potential to find the right team.


Hiring developers is a huge commitment. We don’t work with one-off developers like developer marketplaces you’ll find (TopTal, Upwork, etc). Instead we focus only on companies, aka “dev shops” that have top talent and proven ability to recruit and retain talent. Because of that, we’re not offshoring just the development but also a large HR talent, especially the top of the recruitment funnel. Our teams work in a much more fluid fashion given that they are companies with several developers. Time can be expanded or scaled back as your project requires. You still interview the specific developers you’ll work with, but the partner we’ll put you in touch with will have saved you dozens of hours sourcing, vetting, interviewing and coaching to put that developer on your first call.


We believe the best model is to pay a time and materials hourly fee and do so on a monthly basis. No need to worry about the usual added costs of hiring: recruiting, health insurance, PTO, etc. which can add another 20–25% to your employee’s salary. Typically, our companies save of 35–50% off normal US hirings.


Have a team up and running quickly. No more working through the pipeline for months on end. Teams can be spun up in days or weeks, not months. We work with our team on their “bench” to help them prepare for incoming work.

Proven Results

We’ve been hiring developers and connecting teams for over a decade. Many companies around the world leverage offshore resources with proven results.

We’re certainly not claiming to have invented software outsourcing, but we have leveraged it successfully for years and have helped others do the same.

Dev Shop Advisors is a boutique software outsourcing advisory firm. We help companies connect with a highly curated list of remote software teams around the world. We’re happy to be of assistance, and there is no cost to companies looking to hire.

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