Another Great Trip to Eastern Europe

we focus on diving deeper with existing partners, meeting new developers and strategizing on good old fashion whiteboards.

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At Dev Shop Advisors, one of the best parts of our job is traveling to meet with our development partners around the world. Our goal is simple on these trips: build lasting relationships with the best developers in the world.

On our most recent trip, we had the good fortune of being in Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Italy and Romania and couldn’t help but share a few photos…

Team working full time in Poland for private equity firm in US

Many of our partners have really nice offices. You feel like you could be in a startup or agency office downtown Boston or Chicago. However you’re abroad where many markets are half the cost, faster to recruit and employee retention is significantly longer.

Offices of partners in Poland and Croatia

The culture in Eastern Europe is perfectly suited for software engineering. Developers tend to be direct, hard working, focused and communicate very well with most having learned english starting at age 5.

Watching Poland play in the World Cup with one of our Polish partners

Serbia is an incredible up and coming software development location. Unfortunately, we’re not as good at remembering to take photos inside our partners office as we should be, thus the outside ^

On these trips, we focus on diving deeper with existing partners, meeting new developers and strategizing on good old fashion whiteboards. We look to take these trips as often as we can to really get to know our teams, their hiring strategies, their execution process, etc. It’s typical that we’ll spend an afternoon reviewing all the latest projects and chat through challenging tech problems. In another post, ‘Visiting your offshore software provider’ we discuss the benefits of hoping on the plane and getting to know your team in person. We hope you’ll join us on our next trip.

One more photo, we couldn’t resist. Quick stop in Italy at Lake Como on the way back to the states. We’ve visited an awesome location like this each time on our way back from Eastern Europe.


Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como, Italy

It’s a lovely perk to utilize and we’d encourage you to consider these long weekends when working with your Eastern European team.

Any 007 fans out there recognize the location in this photo?


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