Why leverage offshore software resources

While cost is important, there are many other factors that making building an offshore software team a valuable asset to your organization. Here are the top six…


Expand recruiting pool

Great talent isn’t limited to your city, looking beyond your own backyard can result in a much larger talent pool.


Have a team up and running quickly. No more working through the pipeline for months on end. Teams can be spun up in days or weeks, not months.


Hiring people is a huge commitment. Our teams work in a much more fluid fashion. Time can be expanded or scaled back as your project requires.


You pay a flat hourly fee. No need to worry about the usual ‘added’ costs of hiring (recruiting, health insurance, PTO, etc). Typically we see savings of 35–45%.


Employee turnover is a huge drain on time and resources, especially in major US markets like SF, Boston, & NYC. Developers in many other markets thrive on stability. The average length of employment is over 7 years with our partners.

Proven Results

We’ve been hiring developers and connecting teams for over a decade. Many companies around the world leverage offshore resources with proven results.

Dev Shop Advisors is a boutique software outsourcing advisory firm. We help companies connect with a highly curated list of remote software teams around the world. We’re happy to be of assistance, and there is no cost to companies looking to hire. Check out DevShopAdvisors.com and contact us to schedule an intro call to get your questions answered.